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I wanted to create an exfoliator to gently clean, rejuvenate, energise, nourish and hydrate one's skin.  That is why I tested a large number of exfoliating agents. I sought a gentle, yet efficient, exfoliating agent that would suit the most sensitive skin. I eventually discovered bamboo powder. Finely milled bamboo powder is a prime beauty ingredient for exfoliating skincare because bamboo particles are smooth and less callous than many exfoliants derived from salt, nuts, grains or even polymers.

Also, bamboo powder is naturally rich in essential minerals and silica, which are reputed to have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle properties.

To create El&So's Velvety Exfoliator, I incorporated the bamboo powder into an abundance of Unrefined Shea butter, Mango butter along with Apricot Kernel and Grapeseed oils.  The Velvety Exfoliator has a rich and buttery consistency, and it deeply cleans, rejuvenates, nourishes and hydrates the skin. Once you wash it off with warm water, your skin will feel smooth and will glow!